Companies are increasingly using SRI roadshows to communicate directly, efficiently and in-depth with buy-side analysts and portfolio managers. They typically use the services of sell-side brokers with SRI capabilities to organise these meetings.

Companies, however, still rely on questionnaires, printed reports and ad hoc conversations to communicate with highly-influential, 'sell-side' and 'SRI agency' analysts. This is inefficient and potentially-damages the company’s standing within the SRI community.

To influence SRI opinion leaders and expand their SRI shareholder base, we recommend that companies spend:

  • 2/3 of their roadshow time with buy-side analysts and portfolio managers and,
  • 1/3 with the sell-side & agency analysts

Sustainable Investor's SRI roadshow support

With this service, Sustainable Investor will:

  • Identify for you a prioritised target list for SRI communications
  • Draw up a schedule for SRI roadshows that maximises your company's reach and efficiency
  • Help you to select an appropriate 'sell-side' partner for meetings with buy-side analysts & portfolio managers
  • Organise tele-, video- or face-to-face meetings (as appropriate) with the most influential sell-side and agency analysts


The roadshow manager service is charged for on an hourly basis (£125 per hour) with estimated time spend as follows:

  • Planning (2 hrs)
  • Selecting sell-side partners (1 hr)
  • Arranging sell-side meeting (2 hrs)
  • Arranging SRI agency meeting (2 hrs)
  • Recording the meetings (3 hrs)
  • Feedback from meetings (2 hrs)
  • EST. TOTAL COST = £1,500


It is our aim to create an immediate payback on any time spent by your company by reducing the time you have to spend completing questionnaires and responding to ad-hoc data requests.