To develop a comprehensive SRI communications strategy for a company with tangible action points


This project would include the development of a 2-3 page action plan with time & cost-efficient proposals for:

  • Face-to-face communications with key UK-based buy-side analysts
  • Teleconf communications with ex-UK buy-side analysts
  • Communications with sell-side analysts
  • Communications with SRI agencies
  • Communications with SRI indices

Costs and benefits

  • Est. cost = 0.5 days = £500
  • Est. time saving for the company = No direct saving but much greater confidence in the market and its needs should enable much more efficient communication in future
  • Est. quality / reach improvement = As above, no direct improvement, but enables better prioritisation in the year ahead

10 steps link

Corresponds to Step 5 (Develop a plan) in the 10 steps process for Taking Control of SRI Communications