Companies spend a great deal of time preparing the messages that they communicate to ‘mainstream’ investors.

They spend considerably less time preparing the messages that they communicate to ‘SRI’ investors. Indeed, companies often travel to see investors with no clearer idea of what they want to communicate than “we are a responsible company”.

A lack of control over messaging brings inefficiency and hinders companies in their attempts to engage ‘mainstream investors’ with sustainability messages.


To help the company develop the sustainability messages that meets its own needs and those of its SRI & mainstream investor audiences


This component would include:

  • Evaluating the opinions and sustainability information needs of:
    • leading sell-side analysts (SRI & mainstream)
    • leading buy-side analysts (SRI & mainstream)
    • SRI agencies
  • Facilitation of meeting between the company representatives (IR & SustDev) to explore overlap between corporate priorities, mainstream analyst needs and SRI investor needs
  • Recommendations on message development & focus

Costs and benefits

  • Est cost = 4 days = £4,000
  • Est time saving for the company = None
  • Est quality / reach improvement:
    • Enables the company to reach beyond SRI audiences and address ‘mainstream’ investor interest in sustainable development while controlling the potential risks of doing so

‘10 steps’ link

Corresponds to Step 6 (Shape the messages) in the 10 steps process for Taking Control of SRI Communications