Specialist SRI analysts within ‘sell-side’ (investment bank) research departments tend to be the most influential and best-connected SRI analysts in the market.

Typically, however, companies do not make any effort to communicate proactively with them.


To improve a company’s communications with specialist SRI sell-side agency analysts


This component would include either:

  • Identifying the level of interest in the company from SRI specialist sell-side analysts
  • Organising with them, as appropriate:
    • a group briefing / teleconference / webcast or,
    • a series of 1-on-1 meetings

Costs and benefits

  • Total organisation time / cost
    • 1 day = £1,000
  • Est. time saving for the company
    • 2 days of organisation time
  • Est. quality / reach improvement:
    • Extend reach to all relevant sell-side broker analysts

‘10 steps’ link

Corresponds to Step 8 (Roadshow) in the 10 steps process for Taking Control of SRI Communications