If companies are pro-active with analysts from SRI agencies and treat them as serious investment research professionals, these analysts will behave like serious research professionals.

Companies communicate with ‘sell-side’ research analysts via results webcasts not via questionnaires;

Companies can do exactly the same with SRI agency analysts - and migrate the whole communications process from questionnaires to informative dialogue.

Our service

Sustainable Investor will prepare and host for a company a high-quality teleconference / webinar that enables them to present their sustainability performance to all analysts from SRI ratings agencies that cover their sector at once.

The format of this webinar is modelled on the results presentations that companies give to ‘sell-side’ analysts and delivers similar levels of reach and efficiency.

Expected participants from the company side

  • Head of CSR / Sustainable Development
  • Investor Relations Executive

Expected analyst participants

Analysts from all major agencies (EIRIS, Inrate, MSCI ESG, GMI Ratings, Oekom, SAM, Sarasin, Sustainalytics, Vigeo etc. will be invited to participate)

Expected format

The company’s presentation should contain:

  • 5 minutes on the company’s core strategy
  • 5 minutes on the company’s overall approach to sustainability
  • 5 minutes each on the three sustainability themes of most financial relevance to the company

Questions from analysts will last for 35 minutes.

Expected advantages

Using Sustainable Investor consultancy to host the event (send invitations, chase analysts, set up the technology etc.) will, we estimate save the company three days of organisation time and extend their analyst reach by 25%.

  • In a worst-case scenario, a webinar enables a company to inform a group of influential analysts about their strategy and sustainability priorities;
  • In a mid-case scenario, a webinar will improve a company’s ratings with SRI agencies;
  • In a best-case scenario, a webinar will achieve both of the above and REMOVE THE NEED FOR SRI QUESTIONNAIRES

Read more

In this article on GreenBiz.com, read about the webinars and the experience of BP and HSBC from their webinars last year.


Sustainable Investor charges £1,200 to host a webinar (which includes our time & the webinar costs)

…and the important bit

If a company announces its plans to present via webinar well in advance and then promises to repeat the exercise next year, there should be no further need for SRI questionnaires

Any questions

Please direct any questions to Mike Tyrrell

‘10 steps’ link

Corresponds to Step 8 (Roadshow) in the 10 steps process for Taking Control of SRI Communications