You pay for Mike Tyrrell, you get Mike Tyrrell.  I do not subcontract work.


My rates range from £750 - £1,500 per day depending on the client, the nature of the work and the fit with my expertise.  As guidance, I expect to charge:

  • Asset manager - £1,000 per day
  • Listed companies - £1,000 per day
  • Brokers & investment bankers - £1,500 per day
  • SRI research agencies & others - £750 per day

Confidentiality – but not exclusivity

I understand absolutely the need for commercial confidences to remain confidential, under all circumstances.  Your ideas or ideas that we develop together will remain entirely yours.

However, I am also interested in widest uptake of sustainability priorities by capital markets, so I will never commit to exclusivity.  My best ideas at any time are available to anyone who wants to pay for them

Having worked as a broker for eight years, I am entirely accustomed to managing this tension.


Consultancy should be about finding actionable solutions in as efficient and direct a manner possible.

I will not do more than 5 days work for any one client; if I can’t be concise, you shouldn’t be paying.


I charge a premium rate for premium analysis.  If you want a basic introduction to the SRI industry, I will direct you to places you can find this at a lower (or no) cost.

Integrity and independence

As Editor of SRI-CONNECT, I am required to be entirely non-partisan and to facilitate open-access to the SRI market.

As a consultant at Sustainable Investor, I am free to develop the most appropriate and efficient solutions for individual clients

From time to time, I will be offered work that causes a potential conflict with my role as impartial editor of SRI-CONNECT.  I will turn such work down but will always endeavour to help find an alternative provider.

Sense of humour

Because there's no reason why really serious stuff needs to be done really seriously.