SRI-CONNECT is the online global marketplace for SRI research and meeting point for companies, investors and their respective advisors. It provides practical research resources and communications channels to accelerate the inclusion of sustainability factors in 'mainstream' analysis & investment.

The site enables users to:

  • understand developments in SRI and its interface with 'mainstream' investment practice
  • present themselves to the SRI industry & review the sustainability & investment activity of others
  • manage information and relationships with peers, partners, suppliers & customers

20% of the site’s value is free-to-air; 40% requires registration (only available to those with a professional exposure to sustainable investment); 40% requires a modest subscription (which costs less than one day at a conference!)

The site’s key features are:

  • Market Buzz – peer to peer news channel highlighting what’s happening in global SRI
  • Directory – SRI’s Who’s who’ containing profiles of over 5,000 companies, individuals, funds & indices
  • Info & Comment – comprehensive & dynamic analysis of sustainable business & the SRI industry
  • SRI Network – The SRI industry’s communications centre