The ‘conventional wisdom’ of SRI is too conventional and rarely wise.

It is neither useful to asset managers that are taking their first steps in to SRI nor to advanced practitioners who aspire to market leadership.  Even for those, who just want to position themselves in the middle of the pack, the conventional wisdom tends to encourage huge inefficiencies.

Sustainable Investor offers…

For those new to SRI,

  • Jargon-free guided tours of SRI markets and practice
  • Assessment of existing capabilities and guidance on how to leverage these effectively in the development of any SRI effort
  • Options appraisal and strategy development
  • Tips on whom to meet, how to spend, what to avoid etc.

For advanced practitioners,

  • Facilitated sessions to challenge senior management thinking on the business dynamics of SRI
  • Advice on how to integrate SRI capabilities within mainstream investment management processes
  • Practical steps to maximise the efficiency of business relationships with companies and research partners