A vision

Progressive investors and businesses will lead society out of the current economic situation with an advanced strategy for tackling climate change and a solid basis for addressing the wider challenges of sustainable development.

In spite of their recent failings, capital markets will play a critical part in this process; indeed there is a real opportunity if the financial mainstream can harness some of the approaches and techniques developed over the last 20 years by SRI (sustainable & responsible investors)

A business

Sustainable Investor is a consultancy that helps companies and investors to:

  • integrate social, environmental and economic themes within 'mainstream' investment analysis
  • maximize the efficiency of their business processes, market involvement and communications

An opportunity

Working with Sustainable Investor should double the effectiveness of your organisation's SRI engagement and halve the time that it takes.

I will work with quoted companies, institutional investors, SRI agencies, brokers, NGOs, governments and consultancies.

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Asset managers typically maintain numerous relationships with different research providers & partners. Often these relationships are dominated by the research suppliers and are not managed to the best advantage of the asset managers.

Sustainable Investor can help asset managers:

  • Define their SRI research objectives
  • Shape research RFPs and select research providers that meet these objectives
  • Manage the research relationship throughout its lifecycle
  • Conduct a ‘research relationship audit’ that reviews which research providers are being used efficiently and which could be improved